Why StudyEgo State Therapy?



If you can’t answer this question, please consider participating in my September webinar with Maggie Phillips (If you don’t know Maggie, (please learn about her by clicking here).  Our presentation is titled, “How to Use Ego-State Therapy in Clinical Practice” and is scheduled for 9:00-10:30 am Pacific time on Tuesday, September 20.


Sometimes when clients do not respond to other types of therapy, it can be because there can be one or more self parts that are cut off by dissociation from the rest of the personality and are not participating in therapy or are obstructing the rest of the self from success in therapy. Because ego states are formed to help the person cope with new demands, they appear throughout life and lend richness and diversity to the personality. 


Our webinar will include strategies to find ego states that can strengthen the personality even in the most difficult circumstances as well as how to work with those who contribute to the client’s difficulties (Sign up Here). As you probably know, I am passionate about Ego-State Therapy and have taught courses around the country, in England, and Canada. I also frequently teach on Ego-State Therapy through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. 


Here are some of our specific topics: 


  • How Ego State Therapy can be valuable in working with many clinical issues, including trauma and dissociation

  • How we can use this approach when working with posttraumatic symptoms;

  • How Ego-State Therapy work can help with affect regulation;

  • The most important principles essential for effective practice of Ego-State Therapy;

  • The ego-state strategies that appear to be most consistently effective. These include but are not limited to hypnotic communication.

  • Your topic: contact us at maggiephillipsphd1@icloud.com with possible questions, topics, or clinical issues. We’ll be glad to incorporate them into the webinar.


Here’s what you will receive with your registration:  Access to my 60 minute video presentation, permanent audio download, an opportunity to ask questions about your most challenging cases during the 30 minute Q&A period, a study guide to organize your learning, and a full edited transcript. 2 CEs are available at a small additional fee. Go here: For more Info  to find out more and to register. 


You can purchase my event alone, or “go deep” and save money by purchasing a special September membership which also includes Maggie’s webinar with Dr. Richard Schwartz, Internal Family Systems and Ego-State Therapy: Partners in Treating the Divided Self”, and a bonus PDF commentary written by Maggie on Claire Frederick’s paper, “Beyond Empathy: The Tree of Compassion with Malevolent Ego States. As many of you know,  Claire was one of the foremost authorities of Ego-State therapy and died suddenly last October. Since Maggie and she taught together for many years, it is fitting that she offers a commentary on her last published paper.


Please join us. 


Best wishes,

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