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Tailored Training for your Staff or Group


'Tailored Training' for groups (I'll bring it to you and your staff!)


This setting is sometimes preferred as it's more conducive to questions, consultation, and relevant discussions for the participants in attendance.  It's also convenient with re: to being at 'your location'.  Topics can also be tailored to the interests of the group. 


For more information about these training opportunities and/or the content of such seminars, please contact me at 320-492-1911 or


Clinical Hypnosis 


I offer introductory, intermediate, and advanced clinical hypnosis training that meets the standards of American Society of Clinical Hypnosis ( equivalent training for certification through ASCH. 


I still believe after twenty plus years of experience and training, my clinical hypnosis training has by far been the best training for my practice and in assisting my clients.  


Clinicians who are trained in clinical hypnosis learn valuable ways of communicating to enhance rapport, facilitate treatment outcomes, and utilize the client's own resources in order to change and/or manage their symptoms. 


For more on hypnosis visit my hypnosis page. 



Clinical Hypnosis Training 


The Basic clinical hypnosis training is the first part of a series of workshops.  The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis offers a certification program for clinical hypnosis and these trainings will be ASCH approved for credit towards certification.  ASCH also offers these trainings but in limited locations.  I can bring it to your area if you have enough interest.  


You will be taught principles and process of hypnotic inductions, deepening, realerting, suggestions and applications for treatment.  Intro. workshops are a mix of didactic presentations, demonstrations, experiential exercises and supervised small group practice.  At the conclusion of the workshop you will have been taught the basic skills required to utilize clinical hypnosis and begin to apply it to your practice


Intermediate Training: Enhancing Skills and applications for treatment. Goals are to strengthen your skills, strategies and applications of clinical hypnosis.  This training is also a mix of didactic presentations, demonstrations, experiential execises and supervised small group practice.  


Advanced Training:  Clinical hypnosis and in depth applications for specific areas such as trauma, sexual disorders, ego state therapy, etc. 

Scheduled Training 


I also provide training through professional organizations and societies.  For my schedule (I will try and keep it updated.)  Please email me if you wish to be on my educational/training announcements list or subscribe to my email list on the home page. This is the best way not to miss something close to you.


Online webinars and training opportunities:


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First Webinar:  With Maggie Phillips on Sept. 20th, 2016:  



Training Topics (Not a comprehensive list, please contact me for other interests.)


  • Clinical Hypnosis

  • Ego State Therapy

  • Benefits of Clinical Hypnosis

  • Symptoms as Solutions

  • Affect Regulation 

  • Sexual disorders

  • Trauma Treatment

  • Dissociative Disorders 

  • Self Hypnosis 

  • Performance Enhancement

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