I am a certified American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) approved consultant so if you're working towards certification in clinical hypnosis,  I can provide the necessary consultation hours required.   Currently, I have consultee's all around the world.  I am particularly sought out for my expertise in trauma and ego state therapy but have a wealth of knowledge for utilizing clinical hypnosis in a general practice.  
Online Consulting
For more information download my counseling contract   
Contact me to schedule a time (I'm in Central time zone)
Contact me with any questions and concerns or to see if I will meet your needs.   Please view about Wendy section for my credentials.
Phone Consultation


Many of my consultee's find phone consultation convenient and a great alternative to 'in person' scheduling due to distances and travel time.  I have some individuals who prefer regular consultation times and some who prefer to call on an as needed basis.  Whatever your preference, I can accomodate and will work with you to get your consultation needs met.  


Group Consultation (In person or online)


Group consultation can be a less expensive way to meet your consultation needs.  If working towards ASCH certification, group hours count the same as individual.   Please contact me for more information about group times.  


Currently I have two regularly scheduled 'in person' consultation groups:


Trauma and Dissociative Disorders Consultation Group

Clinical Hypnosis Consultation Group


Many clinicians struggle​ with difficult clients and need consultation at one point or another or perhaps you're working towards certification in clinical hypnosis or ego state therapy.   I am a certified ASCH approved consultant and have consultees all around the world.  I've served as Vice President for the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and am a fellow of the International Society for the study of trauma and dissociation.   I've taught and conducted workshops through both organizations and have been sought out to provide consultation on a regular basis.  


I too have my own experts I seek out for consultation when needed, as I believe it's an important part of our practice in taking care of our clients and ourselves.   

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