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Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Sleep




Relax your body, quiet your mind, and guide yourself into a peaceful night's sleep with this creatively scripted self-hypnosis CD that includes tranquil sounds and melodies designed to enhance your journey into a peaceful pleasant slumber.


Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Sleep is hypnotically scripted by Wendy Lemke M.S. a Licensed Psychologist with years of experience in clinical hypnosis and a certified consultant through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.  The melody tracks are composed and played by Mark Wight (well known throughout the Midwest for his keyboard talents) and the CD was produced and recorded by Tom Pickard.  


Given the toll sleepless nights can take, it's impossible to put a price on a peaceful night's sleep but for only $19.95, you can give the gift of Peaceful Sleep to yourself or someone you care about.  


"I played your Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Sleep cd last night.  I had my best night's sleep in a year.  Thank you.  You have a great hypnotic voice and your timing is exquisite.  You are an expert with hypnosis and sleep.  Thank you so much."  ---Tenley Fukui, MA, LPC

Self-Hypnotic Mental Vacations


Allow yourself to escape on a mental vacation to a tropical setting, the majestic mountains, or the tranquility of a lake setting.  You only need to set aside a few minutes of time to get the mental break you desire, and you don't even have to pack a suitcase.  If not for yourself, this CD makes a great gift.  Who doesn't know someone that coulld use a mental vacation?


This CD uses the power of the imagination to escort you on an inspiring, relaxing mental vacation.  It is hypnotically scripted by Wendy Lemke MS, a licensed psychologist with years of experience in clinical hypnosis and a certified consultant through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.  


The music background and melody tracks were composed and played by Mark Wight (Well-known talented keyboard player for the popular Midwest Band, GB Leighton) and the CD was recorded and produced by Tom Pickard.

Educational Resource on D.I.D.
 (Available in download only which is cheaper!)
(DVD's currently out of stock)


You're Not Crazy & You're Not Alone are comforting words to individuals with dissociative identity disorder, (D.I.D.).  This video captures the essence of those words by explaining the adaptive nature of D.I.D. from an ego-state theoretical framework and by giving viewers the opportunity to hear from the 'real' experts, those with the disorder.
Six courageous individuals diagnosed with D.I.D. and a few of their partners, including Robert Oxnam, author of "A Fractured Mind, My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder", and his wife, Vishakha share their experiences, artwork, and poetry, so that you can learn about D.I.D. from their perspective and how treatment has created a window of hope for them.


"You're Not Crazy & You’re Not Alone is an excellent and compelling video.  D.I.D. is explained in a clear, compelling fashion that can be readily understood by those with D.I.D., their friends and loved ones, professionals, and members of the general public.  I especially recommend it for anyone new to the diagnosis."   ---Colin A. Ross, M.D. author of Dissociative Identity Disorder: Diagnosis, Clinical Features, and Treatment of Multiple Personality, second edition, (1997), Past president of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation





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